Bennet and Bernard Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing to social causes has always been at the heart of the Bennet and Bernard Group. Supporting various social causes over the years has resulted in it now gradually been etched into the walls of this company. And; as it is always with the flow of positive vibes, such is also the case here.

It is but obvious and apparent that the ways of giving would have rubbed off within the teams and a general thoughtful outlook flows down and is inculcated into the minds and the ways of the Group as a whole.

The Corporate Social Responsibility further extends by supporting the less privileged, street pet care, cleanliness drives, support for a school for underprivileged autistic or differently abled children, made blankets for the less privileged, provided sewing machines to women to make them financially independent, clothes donations, blood donation camps, sports day with special-abled children, kindness drives to name a few.

More than anything Bennet and Bernard’s belief stems from investing time and effort towards the causes engaged herein. 

Bennet and Bernard Donation Drive

Dairy-shed sponsor, Colvale Prison, Goa

The Bennet & Bernard Foundation is committed to long-term support and development initiatives. When Goa’s prison care authorities approached us with a request to aid the inmates, we were eager to assist. We funded the construction of a cowshed, enabling the production of milk to be used for inmates’ consumption and for teaching them the valuable skill of creating milk-based products.

Empowering Independent Women through Sewing Machine Sponsor

Our sponsorship of sewing machines aims to empower women to achieve financial independence. By providing these tools, we enable women to develop valuable skills, start their own businesses, and improve their livelihoods, fostering a community of self-sufficient and confident individuals.

Periodic Donations to Orphanages

Employees at Bennet & Bernard regularly organize drives to donate gently used clothes and personal and home care items to shelters across Goa, supporting the well-being and comfort of orphans and those in need.

May-Born Donations:

Bennet & Bernard has had a long tradition of its staff members contributing to causes. We see employees celebrating their birthdays in the month of May, pulling these funds for a noble cause.

Every team member actively seeks meaningful opportunities to engage in. Here, the Church Prison Ministry advised us of some games and sports equipment for the inmates that would support the well-being of prison inmates.  


Goa-Outreach, Institute for Disadvantaged children.

Goa outreach supports street and slum children by providing education, art & craft, health care & hygiene etc. Bennet & Bernard reaches various organisations to understand their requirements. Here we were requested to donate a water purifying filter to Goa outreach, a cause of great value add to ensure clean drinking water for the children and staff here.  


Donated a hot+cold water dispenser for ASRO, also known as Asha Bhavan.

ASRO, also known as Asha Bhavan – a long-standing community care center HIV/AID institute for children in Acoi – Thivim. Bennet & Bernard reached the institute during the Christmas season to check what would be value-add for the institute. A request for a water dispenser was what the faculty felt needed, and we were glad to provide the same.

Bennet and Bernard Social Causes


Blood donation camp

The team took it upon themselves to collectively organize a blood donation camp in the office premises in association with the I- help foundation. The team went the extra mile, educating friends and family, which drove a successful cause. Several team members further have surrendered their cards to help others in the community when they hear of blood requests. The selflessness of the team reflects the ethos of service the company stands for.

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Education efforts

In another initiative to help those in difficulties, Bennet and Bernard group donated and assisted in the social efforts carried out in Arunachal Pradesh by the missionaries of St Francis Xavier contributing to the setting up of a school for the children of tribal people and tea workers in these areas where school facilities were not available, depriving children from education, owing to poverty levels in these regions.


Support to Orphanages

El-Shaddai has under its wing over 750 children in Goa. In a little way, we support the institute with  causes and activities they undertake is a clear indication of what the group holds value to. Hence, it was but natural that at the time of giving, their efforts to provide their “Acts of Kindness” would not be weakened. The Group undertook various activities to go above and beyond and make Christmas more meaningful for others.


Bennet and Bernard Covid Diaries

Shelter for Front-Line Workers: During the lockdown, Bennet and Bernard provided canopy tents and refreshments to support police personnel on duty at check posts across Goa.

Baking for the Needy: The bakery team tirelessly made and distributed bread to the less fortunate on the streets during the difficult times.

Keeping You Safe and Fed: Bennet and Bernard organized home deliveries of Artisan Deli cold cuts across Goa, ensuring essential food supplies during the stringent lockdown.

Concert to help a cause

The organisation has always looked at innovative ways to support and raise funds for various causes. When Covid lockdowns were enforced, we pioneered digital music concerts for the charitable cause of raising funds for feeding dogs. We innovatively turned to technology, airing this at an old age home, adding the much-needed joy and companionship in the grim covid times.

Rooney Mrlee

Supporting Differently Abled Students at St. Xavier’s School, Old Goa

St. Xavier’s School in Old Goa serves underprivileged and differently abled students. As part of one of our major projects, we sponsored the renovation of the girls’ hostel dormitory and bathing facilities. Additionally, our employees initiated and organized an engagement program, hosting a sports day that included activities for students and staff of all ages, culminating in a friendly football match.

We support causes that achieve long term benefit educating children living in underprivileged families, supporting other NGOs working with distressed men and women enabling them opportunities to be independent, a lot of street animal welfare activities investing heavily in sterilization for Indie dogs and cats, amongst others.

The Bennet and Bernard Foundation

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