Education efforts for the old and the young

In another initiative to help those in difficulties, Bennet and Bernard group donated and assisted in the CSR efforts carried out in Arunachal Pradesh by the missionaries of St Francis Xavier assisting with the setting up of a free school for the children of the tribal people and the tea workers in the area since no school was available for them or the kids were unable to go to school due to poverty.

The group donated to the cause and helped in their efforts in opening a free school for kids and as well as education to the old in that area who are unable to read or write, helping them to read and stay abreast of what is happening in the world.

Plant a tree drive

The Bennet & Bernard team has had active participation for every social cause. This is an ethos of the company. In one such drive, the entire office and site teams engaged for a tree plant drive. Needless to say, while planting a better future, the opportunity sows the beautiful seeds of team bonding when engaged in a selfless cause.

Saving man’s best friend

Being avid animal lovers themselves; animal aid is a cause very dear to the heart of the founders, Lincoln and Lindsay Rodrigues. Hence, they find themselves providing ongoing support throughout the year to various animal welfare associations. With over a decade of support to various animal causes, the founding family has been instrumental, alongside running their business verticals, in making their social welfare causes equally successful. Countless shelters like ARC, PFA,GAWT, WVS, Salcette Rescue Dogs are supported in small or big initiatives they undertake.

We support causes that achieve long term benefit educating children living in underprivileged families, supporting other NGOs working with distressed men and women enabling them opportunities to be independent, a lot of street animal welfare activities investing heavily in sterilization for Indie dogs and cats, amongst others.

The Bennet and Bernard Foundation

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