Lending a hand to those who need it most

Support to Orphanages

Employees at Bennet & Bernard regularly organize drives to donate gently used clothes and personal and home care items to shelters across Goa, supporting the well-being and comfort of orphans and those in need.

Street pet care drives

Rooney Marlee surveyed the areas from Cuncolim Industrial Estate to Quepem, an area absent of feeders. The effort has resulted in a feeding campaign of 60+ dogs. The opportunities over time, may allow to befriend dogs and perhaps neuter them to avoid adding to the stray population. In other efforts, we have combined efforts with other feeders, sponsoring and contributing to feeding drives. To share small ideas, often occasion times, when one is looking to add value to underprivileged, do consider feeding street dogs too.

Blood donation camp

The team took it upon themselves to collectively organize a blood donation camp in the office premises in association with the I- help foundation. The team went the extra mile, educating friends and family, which drove a successful cause. Several team members further have surrendered their cards to help others in the community when they hear of blood requests. The selflessness of the team reflects the ethos of service the company stands for.

We support causes that achieve long term benefit educating children living in underprivileged families, supporting other NGOs working with distressed men and women enabling them opportunities to be independent, a lot of street animal welfare activities investing heavily in sterilization for Indie dogs and cats, amongst others.

The Bennet and Bernard Foundation

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